Two of the most valued aspects of any person’s life is their health and their freedom. However, if a deterioration in your health occurs it can leave you feeling trapped. This is the time to make some changes. Whether your mobility has been reduced by age or illness, installing something as simple as a stairlift can make the world of difference in your life.

Overcoming Balance Issues

If someone is struggling with their balance, then navigating the stairs can be a difficult task. This is particularly true for people who are reliant on a walking stick or any other mobility device. Trying to juggle them and the incline/decline means they are at a significantly higher risk of falling.

To avoid an extremely traumatic incident like this, or the extreme action of moving into a one-story house, installing a stair lift is the best and most practical option. There are several types of stair lifts with different seats to cater to all needs. Whether you have a steep or a curved staircase, there will always be an option for you.

A Trusted Form of Mobility

When it comes to yourself or your loved ones, you want to ensure they have the safest possible option. At UPWD Stairlift we make sure that our lifts are the highest quality so you have the peace of mind you are in good hands. We also include features like armrests, footrests, and a safety belt.

This way you can be assured that even if you lose your balance, you will remain safely on the lift. You can also lock the device which will prevent other people from using the chair and leaving it in the incorrect position – this can be especially helpful when there are children in the house. The chair itself will also stop if there is an obstruction, which means there is no worry of it breaking or the passenger being thrown off.

Still Have Full Use of the Stairs

Even though it’s your home, you still want your visitors to feel comfortable. The last thing you want is the stairs being obstructed by a big clunky machine that is meant to improve your life.

If you have a wide enough staircase, you will be able to install a lift that will allow someone to walk past on foot. This will mean any visitors can go up and down as they please even if the chair is in use. However, if your stairs are narrow then you may want to choose one with a foldable chair that can be put away.

Easy to Use

We can guarantee that your stairlift will be easy to use. It is controlled by a switch on the armrest which is easily accessible or you can choose to have a remote control. This way you can move the chair if someone has used it and left it in the wrong place.

The stairlift will also charge when it is parked, meaning you never have to worry about getting stranded halfway up the staircase. This way, even if you face a power outage, you will still have use of your lift.

They Are Extremely Comfortable

There is no pre-sizing when it comes to a stairlift. Once you have decided you need one, an expert will come around to advise you on the best chair for you. They will take into account the shape and height of your staircase.

They will also make sure the chair is best for you. Factors like height, weight, age, if you have any disabilities, and a myriad of other factors will all play a part in the decision making process. It will be equipped with padded armrests and a padded seat to ensure every trip is a comfortable one.

Quick to Install

The installation of a stairlift will only take a day, which means you don’t have to worry about any lengthy builds. It is also reasonably priced as everyone should be able to afford the comfort of living in their own home.