There are several different types of stairlifts available, but they can be loosely categorized into indoors/outdoors and straight/curved. If you have an extraordinary staircase or an unusual space that you would like a chair installed, then it is possible to get a bespoke machine. Due to the variety of options, you will be able to choose the stairlift that feels right for your home.

Straight Stairlift

These are the easiest, cheapest and most common type of lift. The stair rail runs along the wall and the stairlift is installed directly onto it. As they are the most versatile, you can customize the chair to suit you and your needs.

As it can be placed on either side of the staircase, you can choose to have the remote in your left or right hand. This is perfect for someone with limited mobility. Similarly, you are often able to get a chair that turns at the top, allowing you to mount and dismount easily.

Don’t worry if your stairs are narrow – there are many options for chairs that fold away –allowing the stairs to be accessible by everyone.

Curved Stairlift

This lift will be designed to fit your exact staircase. It will work with your stairs and allow you to turn any difficult corners such as ones that you would find with a spiral staircase. They can also be used to cover multiple floors and staircase landings.

As they are specifically designed, you can have a folding chair or the power swivel like you would find with a standard chair. However, the process will be more expensive overall.

Outdoor Stairlift

This is another very useful, customized stairlift. It will be designed to fit the steps whether they are straight or curved and will have additional features such as a lock to prevent people from misusing it.

They are of course incredibly durable and able to survive the extremes outside. Never worry about slipping on wet steps again as it will work in all weather.

Standing Stairlift

This is perfect for people who have difficulty moving between standing and sitting. This could be because of pain, age, illness or a myriad of other reasons. If you are worried about stability, then a tall stool can be installed to perch on during.

This is also likely to have additional safety rails and a seatbelt to make sure the passenger feels safe and secure at all times.

These can also be used in houses where the staircase is too small to fit a chair lift.

Platform Stairlift

This is a fully versatile lift that has been designed to help people in wheelchairs or using mobility devices to get around. These lifts will have doors or barriers just in case the passenger becomes unsteady to ensure they will stay inside.

Fully Customizable

No matter which staircase you use, you will always be able to tailor it to your needs. Whether it’s the speed, the angle of the seat or the type of tracks it runs on, you can be specific.

Maybe the chair needs to match your living room or maybe it needs to be grandchild proof, with the advances in stairlift technology, you are guaranteed to get the best chair for you.